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Hello there!

I'm a fantasy illustrator, voice actor and game developer.


As a freelance illustrator I have done work for various pen&paper games, book covers and board games.

I'm the founder of the games studio Happy Broccoli Games and we're working on our debut title Kraken Academy!!

Also I do voice over work in my home studio and have voiced 2 characters in our game, as well as done work on small projects.

It's important to me to always put in the extra effort for every single one of my clients, no matter if it's illustrations or VO work! I want to make sure you can proudly present your beloved project to the world!


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Selected Clients

Write to me about your project!

Client Quotes

"Annika did the cover illustration and design for my first novel, "Orc Road Trip". It was a fantastic experience. Not only is she extremely talented--and she is, undeniably, extremely talented--but she's also friendly, hard-working, responsive, and passionate. She isn't afraid of critique, and she isn't afraid to push back if you are going in a bad direction. I felt like she cared about my book almost as much as I did."

- robbie mahair

"Annika illustrated a marketplace splash image as well as the logo for my pixel-art game "Pure Blood". Both were completed with due diligence  and were of exceptional quality. She is more than willing to accept criticism, take very good note of the direction given as well as contribute her own artistic ideas to the design process. Annika is an amazing artist and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience I had collaborating with her."

- robert boehnke, project lead

"Annika produced fantastic concept art of an excellent standard. The work really helped drive with pre-production, the game design and the vision for the game. Would recommend, Five stars"

- tim constant, founder, creative director (Panic Barn)

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